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Retina Specialists for Vision Protection and Restoration

The retina is the innermost layer of the eye and any kind of problem in its functioningcan lead to the loss of vision. Retinal problems are best handled by retina specialists, who understand the complexities of these problems and can prevent the loss of vision. We at Empire Retina Consultants specialize in treating all kinds of retinal problems. Our clinic in Brooklyn, New York aims to preserve and restore the vision of every patient by using the least invasive and most advanced technology.

Retina specialist Dr. Alexander Aizman has been recently awarded a prestigious Fellow of the American Society of Retina Specialists designation (FASRS). He specializes in the medical management and surgical treatment of retina diseases. Our clinic is known for its world-class diagnostic services, including fundus photography, fluorescein angiography, ERG testing, visual field testing, and ophthalmic ultrasonography.

Dr. Alexander Aizman, MD, Retina Doctor Brooklyn NY

When to Approach Our Retina Specialist Clinic?

Some common symptoms of retinal diseases include seeing flashes of light, the sudden appearance of floaters, change in vision, blurry vision in some areas of the visual field, reduced vision on the side, or the center, or changes in color perception. While some of these problems can be solved by a visit to your eye doctor, their persistence may need to be investigated further and treated by experienced retina specialists.

Dr. Aizman can help prevent damage to the retina by correcting the problem with the appropriate treatment.

Why Empire Retina?

Retina doctors specialize in treating retinal diseases caused by many other problems. Even the best ophthalmologists refer patients with retina problems to retina specialists for the appropriate treatments and monitoring. We at Empire Retina Consultants strive to offer personalized treatment for each individual patient. Our clinic has the latest equipment in order to diagnose your eye problems competently, and our entire staff works hard to provide the best experience for each patient.

We offer specialized treatments for the following conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration – This age-related disorder affects the small central area of the retina, the macula. It often leads to blurry, wavy, and distorted vision.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy – This condition develops in people having type 1 or type 2 Diabetes. Common symptoms include floaters or strings in vision or dark and empty areas in specific portions of vision.

  • Repair of Detached Retina – Retinal detachment refers to the separation of retinal cells from the layers of blood vessels providing oxygen and nourishment. This problem needs immediate attention and repair by an expert retinologist.

  • Retinal Vein Occlusions – This refers to the blockage of the retinal vein by a blood clot, and if left untreated can result in irreparable loss of vision.

  • Macular Hole Repairs – If left untreated, a macular hole can result in permanent vision loss. This type of problem can be treated by surgery.

We, at Empire Retina Consultants, use Thermal and MicroPulse laser therapies, a safe and effective approach for the treatment of retinal diseases.

Schedule an appointment today to address your eye-related issues, especially if they concern your retina. Dr. Alexander Aizman is always willing to talk to you, help you determine the nature of the problem, and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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