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David had a blood vessel burst in his right eye while traveling to Charlotte.  An incredible story!


While watching tv one night, Steve started to lose vision in his right eye. Dr. Alexander Aizman scheduled his procedure immediately, and walked Steve through every step of the operation.


Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY | yelp.com
I turned 30 in June of last year. I went for a routine eye check up in August, and had my eyes dilated. My regular eye doctor saw something unusual in my left eye, “it’s probably nothing but we want to send you to the Ophthalmologist just to be sure.” Dr. Aizman confirmed the scary news that no 30 year old wants to hear, I had a detached retina and needed eye
surgery as soon as possible.

This is not the easiest news to process, but Dr. Aizman was confident and carefully explained exactly how a scleral buckle is placed and put me at ease about the procedure and the success percentages. I understand that every case is different, and my retina had been detached for a while, which can sometimes bring success rates down for surgery. I also must note that my prescription is -9.00 in both eyes. Obviously being of the millennial generation I immediately ran to Google for the next 2 days before my surgery and researched everything I could on Scleral Buckle surgeries. Let me tell you, most of the information out there is full of eye surgery horror stories.

My story has a happy ending though: I was on the table for just under 3 hours. I chose the full anesthesia option. After my surgery I went home with an eye patch on, groggy from the anesthesia, and went straight to bed. I slept in an almost upright position as instructed. I went in immediately the next morning to have my eye patch removed for a follow up. Dr. Aizman reported that the surgery went well and my eye was set up for healing well. I took the next two weeks off of work to let the eye heal, and followed Dr. Aizman’s instructions; which included no running, yoga inversions, lifting heavy items, etc.
Over the next few months I went in for regular follow ups. It has been 6 months since my scleral buckle surgery. I went in for a follow up a few weeks ago and my retina is successfully reattached. My life is completely back to normal as it was before the surgery. I am forever thankful to Dr. Aizman for not only immediately recommending eye surgery, but for performing such a carefully and successful procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Aizman to anyone!


Brooklyn, NY | yelp.com
Dr. Alexander Aizman is a very professional doctor who provides an excellent service to all his patients. I have visited his medical office several times and the service is excellent. All consultations, procedures and surgeries that I had with Dr. Aizman had great results. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander Aizman for his excellent service and professionalism.


Brooklyn, NY | yelp.com
I was treated by Dr. Aizman for a retinal injury that left me with loss of most of my vision in my left eye. There was the potential for this vision loss to become permanent. As a result of his excellent treatment I had a full recovery of both my retina and my vision . Not only is Dr Aizman an outstanding doctor but he is also a caring and compassionate person with a lovely staff. I highly recommend him.

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Craige Roberts
Craige Roberts
20:19 07 Sep 17
I'm new to the area, 68 years old, had already been diagnosed with macular degeneration before I moved. I found Dr. Aizman on-line, and was impressed with his excellent training and qualifications. At our first appointment, he took the time to get to know me, answered all my questions, and gave me a much better sense of where my condition stands and what my prognosis is than had my previous ophthalmologist. He was very professional, but also gracious, open and helpful. Very nice facility and staff. Highly recommended.
Stuart Saffran
Stuart Saffran
17:36 17 Jun 17
I am typing this for my wife Cathy, her words: "What can I say about Dr. Aizman... Well he saved my eye and my vision. I had to have an emergency operation. My doctor asked Dr. Aizman if he would help, even though Dr. Aizman was on his way home. He said yes and performed the necessary surgery. I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommend him!
Anna Reyes
Anna Reyes
23:07 04 Nov 15
I had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Aizman. He was the consummate professional, but at the same time a compassionate and sensitive human being. I thank God for putting me in his care. I will recommend him to everyone I know and am looking forward to the time he opens up a practice in Glendale. I am positive that everyone who receives his care will be as impressed as I was. His is the stuff that true doctors are made of. Thank you so much for being a true healer on so many levels.
Trish K.
Trish K.
23:06 24 Feb 16
I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Aizman. He's extremely knowledgeable and understands how scary it could be to not know what's wrong. I had severe sensitivity to light and throbbing pain in my eye. Initially, I was told it was nothing and it will pass. Dr. Aizman said it could be an inflammatory disease and could worsen if ignored. Dr. Aizman insisted I find a new primary care doctor that was willing to request a CT Scan and a breathing test. Turns out my eye is a symptom of something much worst. However, with consisting treatment and follow-ups, my vision returned to 20/20 and the inflammation as well as the sensitivity was gone! I will continue to visit Dr. Aizman for my annual eye exams. I know that I am in good hands. And should my inflammation return, I know where to go! Lastly, front desk/office staff and their customer service plays a big part in whether or not I will return to the office. Well, everyone should know that the office staff is extremely professional. They welcome you with a smile and acknowledge your presence by greeting you by name. I appreciate that. There is a bit of a wait, but that's because he is a phenomenal Ophthalmologist.
Fatima Yamin
Fatima Yamin
18:48 02 Nov 15
Dr. Aizman has my utmost respect, as well as his staff. I was referred to him since I was complaining about blurry vision, as well as disfigurement of images in my right eye. He diagnosed me with "retinal detachment", and told me I had to get a scleral buckle surgery. Dr. Aizman operated on my eye and answered all questions that I had the following day. Dr. Aizman is an extremely careful, intelligent, compassionate, and capable doctor. You will not regret seeing him! He is very kind and answers all questions that his patients have with honesty. His staff is great as well; very friendly and they get their work done very fast! Overall, I have had nothing but a great experience. Dr. Aizman is truly a reputable doctor! DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! A big thanks to him and his staff for taking care of me! - Fatima Yamin
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