The Advantages Of Switching From Glasses To Contacts

Eyeglasses have become more stylish and streamlined over the years, but they still have their drawbacks. Some are obvious, such as clouding up or sliding off the face, while some are less obvious. For example, did you know that wearing contacts can improve your field of vision? Knowing that you can have better vision might be enough to make the switch!

In this post, we are going to explore the advantages to switching from glasses to contacts. There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses, but for those who are unsure, we want you to know the full benefits of graduating to contact lenses.  

Wider Field of Vision

Contacts and glasses can be made in the same prescription strength, but only contacts will provide you with a full field of vision. Contacts move with your eyes so you don’t have to worry about seeing areas that aren’t clear. Whether it’s sharp movements or activity in your peripheral vision, contacts let you see things crystal clear.

Fewer Distortions

Another benefit to switching over to contacts is fewer distortions. Glasses distort or reflect light, making it difficult to see accurately at times. This can be especially troublesome if you’re driving at night. In addition, contact lenses won’t steam up or get water spots. You’ll want to follow the best practices for wearing contacts, but it is possible to swim in the pool, sit in a hot tub or sauna and enjoy water rides with lenses, as long as you disinfect them immediately.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Contact lenses are more conducive to an active lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about your glasses fogging up on a hot day or injuries from eyeglasses if you are hit in the face with a ball. Contacts allow you to participate in your favorite sports and activities without being distracted by glasses. And, you can be safer by wearing the appropriate headgear that won’t interfere with your eyewear.

Enhanced Confidence

As we said before, there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses. We understand that some people have to because contacts cost more, require more work and carry more risk for infection. However, many people agree that contacts give them increased confidence. They don’t cover the face, and they make it possible to show off makeup, lashes and natural eye color. Even the CDC reports that children feel better about their performance when wearing contacts compared to glasses.

If you are considering switching from glasses to contacts, we hope the benefits listed above will help you make a decision. In many cases, a combination of glasses and contacts works best. To learn more about your options for better vision, including laser eye surgery, call Empire Retina today.