How to Choose Between Glasses and Contact Lenses

If your Brooklyn eye doctor found that your vision isn’t 20/20, you can wear glasses or contacts to correct your vision, providing your eyes are otherwise healthy. Which one you choose is based on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Some people enjoy the comfort and convenience of contacts, while others prefer the ease and affordability of glasses. Because eyeglasses and contacts are practical in their own ways, many people choose to wear a combination of both!

Keep in mind that when choosing between glasses or contacts, one is not necessarily better than another. It’s about finding what’s most comfortable and conducive to your lifestyle.

Considerations for Wearing Eyeglasses

Glasses have many benefits over contact lenses. They require little maintenance and cleaning, aside from wiping down the lenses and caring for the frame. With durable frames, they don’t need to be replaced as often as contacts, saving time and money. Plus, you don’t have to touch your eyes to wear glasses, which decreases the risk of corneal abrasion and infection. 

Another thing that eyeglasses can do is adjust the amount of light coming in. There are lenses that are clear at night and indoors, and they darken when outdoors in the sun. This keeps the eyes comfortable no matter what environment you are in. As a bonus, the built-in UV protection keeps the eyes and eyelids healthy, something your ophthalmologist in Brooklyn will be happy with!

If you want ease, comfort, and affordability, eyeglasses are a great choice.

Why Contact Lenses are Also a Great Choice

Contact lenses have the edge over glasses in other ways. When wearing contacts, it’s easy to participate in sports and other activities. Glasses tend to get in the way and make it harder to be competitive. They also tend to get fogged up in hot or cold climates. Also, contact lenses sit directly on the eye, so the peripheral vision is unobstructed. 

Of course, there are also aesthetic benefits to consider. You don’t have to worry about wearing glasses over your eyes and having the frames clash with your clothes or jewelry. You can also change the color of your eyes using colored contact lenses, which comes in handy on special occasions like Halloween. 

In the end, there is no right or wrong option. It all comes down to what you are most comfortable with, your unique lifestyle and your personal preferences. We recommend talking to your eye doctor about the pros and cons of eyeglasses and contact lenses to determine the best fit for you. Again, many people choose to wear a combination of both, and you too may find that this is best for you.