Eye Problems to Watch For While Pregnant

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes due to the increase in hormones, shifts in mood and expanding belly. Most of these changes are well-known by pregnant mothers, but some are not. For example, did you know that an increase in hormones can cause changes in your vision? 

In most cases, these changes are temporary and will resolve after you deliver your baby. But, there are some symptoms that could indicate a more serious problem.

Normal eye changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy produces a lot of hormones, and these hormones affect the quality and amount of tear production in the eye. This is why you might notice problems like the following:

  • Dry eyes. If your eyes are dry, you can safely use lubricating or rewetting eye drops. This should go away after you have the baby.
  • Refractive changes. Fluctuating hormone levels can lead to refractive changes. This is usually nothing to worry about, though you should discuss it with your eye doctor in Brooklyn NY. He or she may want to change your prescription.
  • Puffy eyelids. Pregnancy can cause swelling, and the eyelids are no exception. If swollen enough, this can affect your side vision. To reduce puffiness, drink plenty of water and stick to a low sodium diet. 
  • Increased sensitivity to light. Migraines, headaches and a greater sensitivity to light are all common pregnancy. Again – it’s the hormones! Most women find relief in their second and third trimesters, but until then, be sure to wear sunglasses and keep the lights dim when possible. 

Eye problems during pregnancy to watch for

Now that we’ve covered the normal vision changes that can happen during pregnancy, let’s discuss the things you should watch for. If you have any symptoms on this list, be sure to contact a retina specialist in Brooklyn who is comfortable treating pregnant women. 

  • Blurred vision. Blurred vision from dry eyes is normal, but blurred vision when you have diabetes is not. This could indicate elevated blood sugar levels or high blood pressure. 
  • Flashing lights and floaters. If you see auras of light, floaters or dark spots, this could indicate dangerously high blood pressure levels. In some cases, the baby will need to be delivered right away to avoid complications. 
  • Glaucoma medications. Some glaucoma medications are safe while pregnant, but others can be harmful to developing fetuses. If you are taking glaucoma medication but plan to become pregnant, talk to your eye specialist in Brooklyn. 

Eye changes are common in pregnancy and usually nothing to worry about. But, if you have any unusual symptoms or something doesn’t feel right, contact a Brooklyn retina doctor right away. Empire Retina Consultants is comfortable treating pregnant and postpartum mothers.