Eyes Watering Excessively? It’s Time to Visit a Doctor

If you have watery eyes, it may be time to visit an eye specialist in Brooklyn NY. Though eye watering is common and usually not a cause for concern, excessive watering may indicate something more serious. If your watery eyes are accompanied by symptoms like pain, reduced vision or a foreign body sensation, it’s especially important to pay a visit to your eye doctor. 

We’ll explain common reasons why the eyes water and when symptoms transition from “normal” to “doctor-worthy.” 

Causes of Watery Eyes that Require an Eye Specialist in Brooklyn 

There are many things that can cause the eyes to tear up. Some of the most common include allergies, pinkeye, and dry eyes. But, there are some conditions that cause eye watering and they need specialized treatment from an ophthalmologist doctor in New York. These include: 

Cornea problems: Anything from a minor scratch to an ulcer can lead to excessive tearing in the eye. The cornea gets inflamed and makes the eyes watery, sensitive to light and painful. See your eye doctor right away, as you may need antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral medication. In extreme cases, a corneal transplant is needed to save the vision.

Ingrown lashes: When your lashes grow inward, they irritate the eyes and cause excessive tearing. A Brooklyn eye doctor can remove the lash or suggest a surgical option for permanent results. If an ingrown lash is not treated, it could lead to corneal problems.

Styes or chalazions: Bumps on your eyelid may be styes or chalazions. Styes are usually more painful than chalazions. Placing warm towels on the bumps can help, but you might need a steroid or antibiotic cream to ease swelling and inflammation.

Eyelid problems: The eyelids are part of your eye’s draining system, so if they don’t work properly, tears can build up. With eyelid problems, people often notice additional symptoms, such as mucus, dryness, and sensitivity to light. See your eye specialist for a diagnosis. Ointments and drops can help, though some people need surgery to correct the system.

Blocked tear ducts: When the tear ducts are blocked, your eyes can’t drain properly. The tears back up and create irritation or infection. You might also notice crusty eyelashes, mucus, blurred vision, and blood. An eye specialist can flush out the ducts, though some people need surgery to open up the tubes.

As you can see, watery eyes can mean more than allergies. If your eyes are watering excessively, schedule an appointment with a retinal disease specialist in Brooklyn. It’s best to rule out anything serious and get a proper diagnosis.