How Are Ocular Tumors Treated?

If you have an ocular tumor, you may be treated by more than one professional. Your care team may include a retinal specialist in Brooklyn, an oncologist and a plastic surgeon. Together, your care team will decide the best way to treat the ocular tumor based on its size, location and your general health.

Generally, treatment options fall into one of two categories: radiation and therapy. Let’s learn more about what these treatments entail, as well as other possible options.

Ocular Melanoma Radiation

The goal of radiation therapy is to kill the cancer and stop it from growing and spreading. It’s a common treatment for eye melanoma because it can save some vision and preserve the eye structure.

There are different types of radiation, so you’ll have to discuss the options with your retina specialist in NYC. For example, plaque therapy places small seeds of radioactive material close to the cancer, whereas external beam radiation uses radiation from outside the body to kill the cancer cells.

Ocular Melanoma Surgery

Because of the effectiveness of radiation, surgery is a less common treatment option. However, some melanomas require surgical treatment based on their size, location and how far they have spread. Several types of procedures are available.

The goal of ocular surgery is to remove the tumor. This may include removing some of the iris, ciliary body and outer part of the eyeball. Be aware that most people stay in the hospital for a day or two following this type of surgery. Discuss the surgical options for your ocular tumor with a retina doctor in Brooklyn.

Conjunctival Melanoma Treatment

If the melanoma is on the surface of the eye, you may have more treatment options available to you. For example, many ophthalmologists in Brooklyn NY recommend chemotherapy eye drops or freezing treatment.

Laser Therapy for Ocular Tumors

For people who are not candidates for surgery or radiation, laser therapy may be an option. Various types of laser therapy are available, including laser photocoagulation and transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT). Laser therapy is generally safe, though it could lead to additional vision loss.

All treatment solutions for eye tumors have their risks and benefits. The key is to find the most effective and least invasive treatment solution. Also, be sure to choose a Brooklyn eye doctor who has experience treating ocular tumors. It’s imperative that the correct procedure is chosen to preserve your eye structure and vision.

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