Why You Should Prevent Wearing Cosmetic Contacts During Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, you may have noticed an uptick in costume contact lenses. Also known as decorative contacts, these lenses change how your eyes look. They can change your eye color and pupil shape, or they can give your eyes a cartoony effect. As cool as these lenses may look, they are usually not safe. So, if you are thinking about adding cosmetic contacts to your Halloween costume, think again. 

Let’s learn more about cosmetic lenses and why eye doctors in Brooklyn NY are urging people not to wear them. 

The Dangers of Decorative Contact Lenses 

In the United States, it is illegal to dispense or sell contact lenses without a valid prescription. Does it still happen? Of course. But it is illegal. People who take the chance and buy the contacts run the risk of damaging their eyes or losing their vision. 

Here are some reasons why cosmetic contacts are a danger. 

-Improper fit. When you get contact lenses from a licensed ophthalmologist in Brooklyn NY, they are fitted properly. This isn’t the case when you buy designer contacts online or from a novelty shop. They are generally sold as “one size fits all.” However, this can cause them to cut, scratch or infect the eye. 

-Cornea damage. Not only can misfitted contacts cause irritation but also corneal damage. Some people have suffered corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers or bacterial infections from wearing cosmetic lenses. 

-Not FDA approved. Many of the lenses being sold online, in beauty salons, in novelty shops or in pop-up Halloween stores are not FDA approved. They are being sold illegally, which means you have no recourse if something does happen. 

No eye exam needed. Because cosmetic contacts can be purchased without a prescription, most people don’t have a clue as to the health of their eye. Before you wear any type of lenses, you should have an eye exam from a qualified eye specialist in Brooklyn. Only then will you know if you are a good candidate for contacts.

Are any Costume Contact Lenses Safe?

If your costume MUST have those cool designer contacts, follow the tips below. 

-Schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist. This professional will evaluate your eye health, measure each eye and determine if you are a good fit for contacts. 

-Purchase colored lenses. With a valid prescription, you can purchase colored contact lenses from a reputable retailer. 

-Follow a care routine. Take care of your lenses by cleaning and disinfecting them according to the recommendations. 

To be fitted for Halloween costume lenses, contact a Brooklyn eye doctor like Empire Retina. We will make sure you look your best without sacrificing your vision.