Is Putting Your Phone on Dark Mode Better for Your Eyes?

From the sounds of it, putting your phone on dark mode is better for your eyes. The shadowy display seems to reduce eye strain and make reading easier. But dark mode isn’t quite the solution that people think it is. While it does look cool and can make certain things easier on the eyes, it’s not really that much better for them. 

Let’s cover the basics on what dark mode is and what you can expect from switching over to this mode.

What is Dark Mode? 

Dark mode swaps the traditional white background for a black background. It’s available on Android phones, Apple phones, Windows 10 and macOS. Even Firefox and Chrome have their own versions of dark mode. Apple claims that dark mode is “easy on the eyes in every way,” and while this isn’t entirely true, it’s not entirely false either. 

There are many practical benefits to using dark mode on your phone. For example, dark mode is: 

-Great in low-light settings. If you’re using your phone in a low-light environment, it’s more comfortable to read text on a black background as opposed to a white one. It’s also much less distracting to the person laying next to you trying to get some sleep! 

-Helpful in reducing eye strain. Dark mode doesn’t directly reduce eye strain, but it can offer some relief. For example, in a dim setting, a bright screen has your eyes working harder. On the contrary, a dark screen in a brightly lit room will have the same effect.

-Easier to read. The contrast between the text and background is most important, and the higher the contrast, the better. Dark text on a white background actually has the edge in this case, except for people who are sensitive to light or suffering vision loss. A dark background is ideal for these individuals. 

-Better for bedtime. Dark mode is the better option for bedtime. Even though it’s not recommended to use your devices at night because of the bluelight, dark mode does reduce blue light levels. 

-Good for concentration. Lighter backgrounds have been proven to be better for focus, but there is a catch. When computers refresh, they have a slight flicker that affects concentration. A black background eliminates the presence of flickers, helping you stay focused. 

When Should You Use Dark Mode? 

Dark mode is more of a personal preference rather than something that will save your eyes from eye strain and fatigue. If you like dark mode and feel that it’s easier on your eyes, use it! There’s no risk to doing so. 

However, you should follow healthy habits when using your mobile phone regardless of its mode. This can be done in a number of ways, including using an anti-reflective screen coating, taking a break every 20 minutes, holding the phone farther away from your face and increasing text size. These small changes are what will reduce eye strain and digital fatigue.