When Should You Take Your Child to the Eye Doctor?

Vision plays a significant role in your child’s physical, cognitive and social development. Visual functioning is also a strong indicator in how well your child performs in school. But, would you be able to spot a problem with your child’s vision? 

Many vision disorders go undiagnosed in early childhood, negatively affecting children’s health and well-being. Nearly 3 percent of children younger than 18 are blind or visually impaired. To ensure your child’s vision is in a healthy range, be sure to schedule routine eye doctor visits.

Here is a breakdown of how often your child should see an eye doctor in Brooklyn. 

First Exam: 6 Months 

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that children have their first eye exam at 6 months. At this age, an eye exam will be basic, but it gives the ophthalmologist a chance to check your baby’s eyes and make sure they are healthy. If the doctor notices anything that may interfere with normal development, it can be addressed and corrected. 

Second Exam: 3 Years 

As long as everything checks out with your ophthalmologist doctor, your child doesn’t need to be seen again until they are 3 years old. During this visit, the doctor will make sure your child is developing normally and can do age-appropriate skills that require visual acuity, such as cutting, coloring, drawing, building blocks, rolling a ball, etc. About 10 percent of preschoolers have vision problems, according to the American Public Health Association. 

Third Exam: 5-6 Years 

Before entering kindergarten or first grade, most elementary schools require a recent eye exam. This appointment will probably be the most in depth so far. Your child will be asked to do many of the same things you do during your appointment, such as read letters and charts and look at pictures with connected dots. The purpose is to make sure they are ready for school. 

School Years: 1-2 Years 

If your child needs to wear glasses, your eye specialist in Brooklyn will see them once a year for an annual appointment. If no vision problems are detected, your child will see the doctor every two years. Regular appointments remain important throughout childhood, as new problems can emerge with the body’s growing and changing. 

Always talk to your eye physician about how often your child needs to be seen, as each case is unique. Even if your child’s eyes are healthy, regular eye doctor visits remain vital. This will allow you to keep on top of your child’s vision and ensure they have what they need to be safe, healthy and successful.