What Exercises Strengthen Eye Muscles

Eye fatigue can be caused by common factors such as strain that develops in the muscles when you focus too long on a computer screen. However, it can also occur due to chronic eye conditions that could occur at birth or later in life. Ophthalmoplegia is a condition that is associated with weak or paralyzed eye muscles that can cause double or blurred vision. You’ll want to consult with an eye specialist to figure out the underlying cause of your strained eye muscles, but doing these exercises can also help you to strengthen weak parts of your eyes that affect your vision.

Flex Those Muscles

Flexing your eye muscles might not be as noticeable to others as it is with your biceps, but it makes a big difference in developing their strength. To flex your eyes, simply sit facing forward so that you are looking straight ahead at an object in front of you. Then, look up and down without moving your head for 10 repetitions. You’ll then use the same technique to look to the right and left. Remember to hold your head straight. Only your eyes should move with each flex.

Blink Your Way to Better Eye Strength

During prolonged periods of screen time, you might forget to blink. Staring in one direction for too long also causes eye muscles to weaken from lack of use. Blinking is an exercise that helps to reduce eye strain, and you can easily do it from anywhere. The key to doing this exercise right is to make sure that your blinks are strategic. Set a timer for two minutes, and blink every five seconds. You’ll help to rehydrate your eyes, and the fine muscles that control their movements will get a good workout.

Increase Flexibility By Doing Figure Eights

Weakness in your eye muscle can also lead to a loss of flexibility. This exercise helps to keep those muscles limber so that it is easier to move your eyes to see objects outside of your direct range of vision. While looking at a blank wall, you’ll want to imagine a figure eight laying on its side. Then, just trace along the line of the imaginary figure eight with your eyes. You’ll continue tracing around the sideways eight for a full minute. Then, rest your eyes for another minute before repeating the pattern in reverse.

Strengthen Eye Muscles By Zooming

Instead of zooming around the room, this exercise also requires you to sit down and relax. Once you are sitting, simply stretch your arm forward and put your thumb out as if you were hitching a ride. Then, slowly draw your thumb closer to your face while you focus your eyes on it the whole time. After it reaches around three inches away from your face, then push your arm back to the starting position. You’ll want to repeat this movement for two minutes before giving your eyes a break.

Doing eye exercises is a great way to be proactive about preserving your vision. Whether you’ve experienced a stroke or are dealing with heavy screen time, working these exercises into each day can help you enjoy better eye health. As you strengthen your muscles, make sure to also stay on top of your other eye health strategies to maintain your vision for longer. Regular eye exams with an eye doctor in Brooklyn, NY, proper contact lens care, and making overall healthier lifestyle changes all work together for improving how your eyes function.